Zayn Malik – This 23 year old British singer and songwriter released his book titled ‘’Zayn’’ and it reveals many things

Pic: BuzzFeed

In the year 1993 was born Zayn Malik in Bradford in England. He is a sensational singer plus song writer who has captured the hearts of many people. It is important to note that ’’X Factor’’ is a famous reality TV music competition and this Zayn Malik took part in this music competition. He released his book named ‘’Zayn’’ and this book showcases his state of mind. This book highlights 14 biggest reveals.

Encouragement by his mother

He was encouraged by his mom and was told by her that whatever gives happiness for him must be done by him.

Regards One Direction highly

Zayn Malik feels happy and proud regarding his time with One Direction that gave him an identity.

Likes to study English at school

Zayn Malik likes English and said he wanted to study English at school if he did not achieve success in singing.

Role of Danny Zuko was awesome

According to him the role of Danny Zuko played by him gave him great happiness and relief.

Likes girls

He likes girls and joined school choir to meet girls. It is said that he even wrote songs for his favourite girl.

Plane journey

It is now said this Zayn never went in a plane before X Factor and he was very nervous at the beginning when he was told that plane would do loop-the-loop after taking off.

Praises Pillowtalk

It must be noted that Zayn Malik praises Pillowtalk and consider it very high as it throws light on relationships.

His eating disorder

Zayn Malik had eating disorder which he was not able to recognize. It is now said that he did not eat for two to three days.

Likes Shania Twain

This Zayn likes Canada Singer Shania Twain and was influenced by her.

Very notorious

Zay was very notorious and brought BB gun to school once and it was not loaded.

Struggles with anxiety

He suffered from anxiety because of the pressure he placed upon himself and the expectations from his fans.

Mind of Mine song

It must be noted that his Mind of Mine song was like fun and not supposed to be dirty at all.

Makeshift bar

It must be noted that he built his own backyard and was influenced by his grandparents in this.

Inspired by his dad

Zayn has got inspiration from his dad and praises his dad for introducing to Bob Marley, Prince etc

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