Webster’s Poker Book has it all stories,cartoons,anecdotes- blend of education and entertainment !

Pic: pokernews.com

Webster’s Poker Book is a simple and unique light-hearted poker volume.The book Poker & Pop Culture contains the famous 20th century cartoonist Harold Tucker Webster —also known as “H.T. Webster” or “Webby” — who has contributed 50 poker-themed cartoons to the volume. It comes with a a funny foreward by the columnist George Ade,

This book is a collaborative effort, with stories and narrative George F. Worts, the pulp fiction author and screenwriter and additional material by the playwright Marc Connelly.The book also contains a lengthy appendix that mentions Robert Frederick Foster’s history of poker from mid-1920s rules of the game, and strategy advice.

The rules are for the newbies to poker.Its a blend of education and entertainment .The humorous cartoons are the true highlight of this volume

Like “The Inscrutable Poker Face,” one which showcases the ongoing struggle between poker-playing spouses and disapproving wives. or “The Comeback” that illustrates that familiar roller coaster of emotion that people experience after starting a session badly, and  then they trying desperately to dig out of the hole.

There is another interesting stuff , hidden inside the back cover is a little drawer which when pulled out opens with a ribbon and it provides

many sheets of pop-up cardboard red, white, and blue poker chips which is decorated with Webster’s cartoons,postcards that can be used to invite friends to play the home games and fill-in-the-blank IOU notes to use at the end of the night .