Verjuna Foreman – This 44 year old woman from Texas in USA wrote a book for her granddaughter and it is inspiring to many now

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Verjuna Foreman is an amazing woman and is spoken highly by many others. This 44 year old Verjuna Foreman did great work of writing a journal for her granddaughter so that it would be useful in her life. The superb piece of information is this journal has attracted the attention of many and is spoken highly and it is inspirational for many now.

Published in the month of December this superb book is available in eBay and Amazon and is sought out by many. It must be noted that Verjuna Foreman and her husband Lorenzo live in Fort Mitchell in Alabama in USA. At Fort Benning Lorenzo works as sergeant and she is now working on posts there. It is important to note that though they have seven kids from their previous marriages only one kid is with them now. According to Verjuna Foreman her experiences about life and faith would be useful for her granddaughter and that was the reason why she wrote journal which is an inspiring book for many now.

Verjuna also spoke about how her book could be use as reference by her granddaughter in the future as she would be facing many problems in her life. She also spoke about how she got discouraged by some people when she asked other family members to share their knowledge. She expressed her happiness when a person from another country messaged her regarding the book and how she wanted to complete her book. It must be noted that she even thought it as assignment given to her by god.

It is great to note that that this book deals with topics like love, fear, forgiveness etc. Superb Verjuna Foreman!!

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