Twinkle Khanna pens one more book called “The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad” collection of 4 short stories of different era!

Pic: SpotboyE

Twinkle Khanna is a natural writer.Her humorous debut book called “Mrs Funnybones: She’s Just Like You and a Lot Like Me” showcases her as a person who has an ability to create and find humour in everyday events.

Now she has her second book which is called “The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad” published by Juggernaut Books unwrapping truth from a different perspective in a light hearted manner.

Through this book superbly crafted work of fiction she is taking her readers to a different world through these 4 stories showing different fragments of society of different time and era — “The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad” which is set in 1920 “Salaam, Noni Appa”( late 1980s era), The Sanitary Man from the Sacred Land” (1990) and If the weather Permits” (present time)

She is a fan of P.G. Wodehouse and the science-fiction genre, and believes that reading is the only way to acquire, develop and form new ideas. She also feels the reading culture is getting revived.She feels reading makes people smarter too.She mentions that we need to understand ourselves , be pragmatic and honest with ourselves in our approach to life.We need to understand our potential and keep on doing something that interests us which creates our own identity.

She is gratified of the fact that she has her own identity and not just a star child or a superstar’s wife anymore. She loves all the support that she gets from her hubby.

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