This White House party planner David Monn released a new book titled ’’ The Art of Celebrating’’ and he is sensational

Pic: BizBash

Recently a book named ‘’The Art of Celebrating’’ published by Vendome press was released by a person none other than David Monn. It is known that this David Monn is the White House party planner who has been doing well in his profession. It is interesting to mention here that the book release was not usual one and it was released at the New York public Library Gottesman Exhibition hall and it caught the attention of many.

It is unimaginable to think that this is the one and only room of this famous building never used by this David Monn as his profession of a party planner. It is well known that this David Monn previously was responsible for many parties, diners, weddings etc but this time he was totally different and he became cynosure of many eyes at the hall.

The entire place was superb that day and inside the hall there were Oak trees that twinkled and it is said that the entire arrangement was done in just 30 minutes after the library was close at 6 pm in the evening.

It is now brought out that this David Monn initially started his career in fashion designing but soon realized that he could not be successful in that and hence made the decision to become party planner and he is highly successful in his career.

It is amazing that the hall has as many as 800 guests that day and this David Monn expressed his delight and thanked all those who have come to the book release event. Superb David Monn!!

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