This popular Indian writer and columnist Chetan Bhagat handles negativity with great ease and is sensational


Chetan Bhagat is a famous writer and columnist who have created superb impression on the readers all over with his great skills. This popular writer studied in the famous IIT New Delhi is known. It is well known that he is respected and also hated at the same time by many. It is amazing to note that he has seven million followers on the FB and has 8 million followers on Twitter.

It is now said that he is India’s best selling English author who has reached many people. It is now confirmed that he has written seven books and these books have been sold for millions of rupees.

Recently he was asked questions regarding his calm and composed nature and how he was not affected by the haters and whether he meditates etc. Chetan Bhagat replied that being true to ones convictions is enough. Chetan Bhagat also spoke about what his book has done inspite of not being history or mythology based.

He felt sorry for people who don’t understand what feminism or India or literature was. He also spoke about how a good or bad review would not be related in selling of his book. Chetan Bhagat also felt that small section had hijacked feminazi brigade and these brigades are imposing feminism on the girls.

Chetan Bhagat also expressed his thoughts about how he would move on and sell his books make a film. He further said that he would make girls understand the meaning of feminism. It must be noted that Chetan Bhagat has written his latest book named ‘’One Indian Girl’’ in female voice and this had made many speak against him.

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