This politician Shashi Tharoor’s new book named ‘’The Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India’’ is simply superb and provides answers to many questions

Pic: TOI

Indian politician Shashi Taroor was born in the year 1956 in London to Malayali parents. It must be noted that after his family shifted to India Shashi Tharoor studied in a school in Yercaud in Tamil Nadu.
Saint Stephen’s College is a famous educational institute in Delhi and at this college Shashi Tharoor did his bachelor’s degree in history subject and was spoken highly by many. His relationship with Sunanda Pushkar was talked by many all over and it was making many headlines. He married Sunanda and the couple lived together from 2010 to 2014 and in 2014 she passed away.

Recently his book titled ‘’ The Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India’’ was released and it made great noises. This book was published by the famous Aleph book company.

It must be noted that this book deals with the economic plus cultural plus political outcome of the British rule in India. It is said that Britishers of their total self interest made freedom possible for us plus they were also responsible for tea and the game of cricket in India. It is important to note that with this sensational book Shashi Tharoor has taken back arguments made in favour of British.

Shashi tharoor shared many things regarding the book and said the British does not teach their own school kids about their past history. He also said many present British people don’t know about the issues created by their previous generation ancestors. Shashi Tharoor also highlighted that whatever that is present in Britain were taken forcible from somewhere else and does not belong to British people at all.

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