This Mark Nouillan of Twain Harte in California, USA who had survived cancer fo 30 years has written inspiring book and he is amazing


Twain Harte is located in California in USA and is now in the headlines. Mark Nouillan is a person from this Twain Harte and he is not a normal person like others. It must be noted that he has been treated for many types of cancer in the last 30 years and he has survived and has written a book now. Incredible isn’t it!!

The shocking and surprising piece of news about this Mark Nouillan is he is now the third most radiated person in Earth on the basis of amounts of radiation he has received over 30 years of his life. The great news is this Mark is superbly fit and cheerful and is a source of inspiration for many.

Mark Nouillan spoke his heart out regarding his battle with cancer for many years and said his life was very tough and he had lots of pain. He also spoke about how people with cancer are finding lives very difficult like him. He then said how he encourages the people with cancer with his positive outlook.

Mark Nouillan shared his thoughts about how staying focused is very important in life and creating goals is a must to succeed in lives for those with this cancer and life threatening issues. Though he was from Glasgow in Scotland he shifted to Twain Harte in California for the above reason and he wants to do everything he loves.

He likes this Twain Harte very much as it has Yosemite National park, Sierra Niveda plus the great support from the people makes him happy. Superb Mark Nouillan!!

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