This famous writer Chetan Bhagat’s gave his opinion regarding social media and journalism present in this modern era and was superb

Pic: YouTube

Chetan Bhagat was born in the year 1974 in New Delhi and is very popular writer plus columnist plus motivational speaker who has become cynosure of many eyes. It was in 1995 he graduated from the renowned IIT Delhi with mechanical engineering as the major subject.

Later in 1997 he completed MBA the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad. His contributions as a writer in times of India and in Dainik Bhaskar have caught the attention of many all over and he is regarded greatly. It was in the year 1998 he got married to Anusha who was his classmate in IIM.

Recently he shared his views on social media and journalism and it was superb. When he was questioned about him being hated Chetan Bhagat replied that he dealt with that issue much better than the others. He also spoke about how journalism has now become very lazy than before in this digital age.

He also spoke about how he was not bothered being trolled and does his work perfectly to his satisfaction. It is now brought out that his latest book titled ‘’ One Indian Girl’’ increased his haters to huge level. Chetan Bhagat spoke about how he was disappointed regarding this but never felt upset or hurt. Chetan Bhagat also revealed how he was upset till five to six years back but got used to those with the passage of time. Superb Chetan Bhagat!!

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