This comic book titled ‘’Priya’s Mirror’’ released in the New York film Festival has got many stories about acid attack and its survivors and is informative


It is known that the comic book titled ‘’Priya’s Shakthi’’ created deep impact on many readers after it was released in the year 2014. This book dealt with sensitive issues of sexual violence and was the first Indian comic book of that type. It must be noted that this comic book was amazingly superb all over the world and over 500,000 digital downloads proved its popularity.

Now another comic book titled ‘’Priya’s Mirror’’ has become cynosure of many eyes all over and is spoken greatly. This latest comic book deals with attitudes of people that is responsible for many gender based violence and inequalities. It is said that this sequel book ‘’Priya’s Mirror’’ deals with acid attack victims present in India as well as in the world. It is now confirmed that in this book has Priya gets associated with a group of acid attack survivors and she fights against Ahankar who is a demon king.

According to Dan Goldman who has co created the comic book harmony between the survivors of gender based violence and encouraging men to support women community against patriarchy, misogyny etc are very crucial and hence this comic book was made. It is important to note that in the year 2012 in Delhi’’ Nirbaya’’ gang rape took place that shook the entire nation and this Priya’s character was made as response to this brutal gang rape.

The important piece of detail about this comic book that was released on 30th September in New York Film Festival is it is 3 dimensional reality comic book where readers could feel connected to the acid attack survivors.

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