This book titled ‘’Gandhi: Study of a Saint Politician’’ reveals many things about Gandhi and is very informative


Mahatma Gandhi or Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi born on 2nd October in 1869 was a great leader of Independence movement and was respected and regarded by all. He was sensational in his efforts of making India independent from the Britisher’s rule by non-violence method. As a lawyer in the country of South Africa Gandhi was superb and won many admirers there. Later he came back to India he made great impact on many people here and became cynosure of many eyes.

The latest news about Gandhi is a book on him is written by assistant professor of political science of famous Satyawathi College and is superb. This author Dr Ajeet Jawed is popular person who has written many books previously and she was spoken highly by many readers.

Her enormous teaching experience of 40 plus years has been responsible for creating many students who have reached great heights and it must be noted that in 1986 she received her doctorate degree from University of Delhi. It is now confirmed that this book by her focuses mainly on the Gandhi’s principles, ideas, politics and the books also tries to find solutions for many questions.

Questions such as ’’Was Gandhi a democrat’’, ‘’ what shape did Congress acquire under the leadership of Gandhi’’, ‘’Did Gandhi followed what he preached’’ etc. The book also tries to explain the advantage of sainthood for Gandhi in his life as politician plus others like experiments done in the ashram, dissolution of Congress party etc.

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