“The Wrong ‘Un” – Autobiography of Former Australian Cricketer Brad Hogg is completely shocking as he once considered suicide

Pic: Wikipedia / JobsFundaz

When famous people write autobiographies, common people come to know about many unknown facts. Now days almost every person want to either write his / her Autobiography or want a biopic film.

Former Australian spinner Brad Hogg has created headlines with his shocking revelation that he once thought about committing suicide because of “retirement and a marriage breakdown”.

As reported in media, Hogg wanted to save his marriage with former wife Andrea so he decided to retire from Cricket during 2007-08.

His autobiography, “The Wrong ‘Un” which is released recently has many secrets and sad stories about Brad Hogg’s personal and professional life.

“I was prepared to let fate decide. I was in a really dark place. I did that drive four times. And each time I thought about doing something really drastic.”