‘The Road To Character’ Book by David Brooks is the secret to Seattle Seahawks’s success

Pic: seahawks.com

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll sees David Brooks’s’ ‘The Road to Character’ as a game-changer in the way he coaches, speaks to, and sets goals for his players. In addition to hours of grueling practice and a legendary coach, their success may be due to David Brooks’s’ book.

“The Road to Character” traces key moments in the life stories of notable historical figures like Dorothy Day, George Marshall, Augustine, George Eliot, and President Dwight Eisenhower to illustrate the value of selfless qualities that may be considered old-fashioned in today’s society. All the characters mentioned have hit the rock bottom.

Pete Carroll, head coach of Seatle Seahawks had dedicated the book to his team and his fans. In the book it has been defined that people should focus more on kindness and generosity and less on status, career and wealth and it’s a message that resonated with Coach Carroll in an arena that puts incredible pressure on winning.

According to Carroll, “After a career of always trying to figure out better ways to teach the guy everything they need to know to help them have prospering career, I am always looking for stuff to help them.”

The early part of the book focuses on the character and how it fits and connects with the development of lifetime.

There’s a reason Carroll turned to this book.  After coaching college football for years, where constant turnover of players meant a regular repurposing of speeches, Carroll found himself with the same core and they all needed a new message. one that could inspire players who had been with the team for years and had seen it all – wins, painful losses and Carroll found it in a book.

According to Carroll, it almost feels like a re-birth.

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