Sydenham Primary School UK wins UK 2016 Arts & Minds competition for its book called The Unique Unicorn !


Sydenham Primary School pupils have created a children’s story book and it has won national recognition.Nearly 330 pupils at the school were involved towards developing this book called The Unique Unicorn .The book includes more than 430 pieces of artwork and photos.The kids could complete the project with the help of children’s author Lee Sterrey who provided guidance to throughout the process of creating the book.

At an annual UK-wide 2016 Arts & Minds competition that aims at promoting race equality and diversity in schools  the judges were so impressed by the Sydenham children’s book that they awarded it a special commendation.

In a letter from Chris Keates,who represented the judges, it mentioned that the book is amazing and fabulous piece of work which gives importance to communication and is a fun and accessible read too. They loved the concept of the unicorns that changed color with every new idea.It was a project that involved almost the whole school. Associate head teacher Carol Glenny mentioned that this certificate of recognition from the judges is very special and the whole school is very proud of this achievement.

The book The Unique Unicorn portrays the journey of a unicorn who feels different from other grey unicorns on the Planet Rock. Thereafter, she meets Nine-eyes the alien who takes her to Sydenham Primary School on Earth where she learns to celebrate what makes her unique.The book is also being  translated into different languages. It is already available in English, Polish, Romanian and French.

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