Superb!!This book named ” Back To The Roots: Guide to Grassroots and Football Development’’ gives many details regarding Indian football and is awesome

Pic: Sports

Recently an event caught the attention of many and was spoken in high esteem by people present. It must be noted that at this special event a book named ‘’ Back ToThe Roots: A Definitive Guide to Grassroots and Football development’’ was launched by Shaji Prabhakaran who is the FIFA Regional Development officer for south and central Asia. It is important to note that this book deals with Indian football and its development. Superb isn’t it!!

On e interesting point that needs to be mentioned here is this book was launched and there were some special people like IM Vijayan, Baichung Bhutia plus others like Jo Paul Ancheri and Bruno Coutinho who made this event very special and superb. It is also now said that Praful Patel who is AIFF President also took part in the launching of this book.

It is now confirmed that this book also deals with many issues regarding the game of football in India and the solution associated with those issues. It is well known that India would be hosting world cup under 17 football in the year 2017 and this launching of the book regarding Indian football is considered superb at this point of time and it is said that great emphasis is given to grassroots development which is simply superb.

According to Shaji Prabhakaran there are many changes for good taking place in the Indian football and that is super and he also said that he would not be known if the game of football was not present in India. Great words!!

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