Spastics Society Chairperson Dr Mithu Alur’s book titled ‘’ A Birth that Changed a Nation’’ was released on the worlds disability day

Pic: DNA

It is well known that since the year 1992 United Nations or UN has been responsible for observing a day named as’’ World Disability Day’’. This day is particularly observed so that there is better understanding of people with disabilities. This day also helps in creation of awareness regarding the rights, dignity plus welfare of the people affected with disabilities. It is important to note that disability is not about physical or mental aspects but also covers other disabilities such as Down’s syndrome, autism and multiple sclerosis.

Recently 24th World Disability day was observed on 3rd December 2016 and on this day one event caught many people’s attention. It must be noted that Spastics Society of India has been playing superb role in the development of many children with disabilities and Dr Mithu Alur who is the founder cum chairperson of this special organisation did superbly to release her book named ‘’ A Birth that Changed a Nation: A New Model of Care and Inclusion’’.

It is awesome that Dr Mithu Alur has done extensive research in the areas of mental and physical disabilities of the kids and her experiences have been made into book. This superb book is also said to have many anecdotes from her life. It is now brought out that this book of her examines the effectiveness of the present models of care for children with disabilities plus their rehabilitation.

It is also said that she was inspired by her own daughter Malini and she saw the conditions of her daughter’s birth. According to Dr Mithu Alur this book of hers would play a vital role in improving the lives of the disabled children’s and this book would be of great use for the researchers plus policy makers etc. Great words!!

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