Randi Zuckerberg- This 34 year old entrepreneur and author has now self published a book named ‘’Missy President’’ and is sensational

Pic: Blauner Books Literary Agency

Randi Zuckerberg is now hogging the limelight. This business woman plus investor plus author who is also sister of famous Mark Zuckerberg of Face Book has now self published a book titled ‘’Missy President’’ and is now spoken highly by many.

It must be noted that this book is all about a school girl of grade four whose assignment given as home work by her teacher regarding presidential elections of 2016. It is superb to note that she wanted to self publish this book as it would then be rushed out in time for the elections and it must be noted that this book is published on Create Space.

The good news is this book is available in Amazon. Randi Zuckerberg has got great hopes on this book and she was of the view that series of books would make the kids to know about technology, politics plus government.

Randi Zuckerberg expressed her thoughts regarding the book ‘’Missy President’’ and spoke about the difficulties involved in election etc and she further revealed that these things would be tough to share with girls. She hoped that her book would go long way in making girls dream big about politics elections etc. Randi is also of the opinion that this book would make girls understand how to be good digital citizens and that is superb.

Andrew Blauner who is her agent spoke about how this was not typical for him as he mainly dealt with adult type books and said it was just second time he had to be involved with children’s book in his last 20 years.

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