Nathan Buckman- This author wants to increase self esteem of many with his book named ‘’ The Briet Side: The Little Book of Wisdom’’


Some people do great things for others benefit and get noticed. One such is this Nathan Buckman of Tottenham in North London. It is now said that this Nathan Buckman has lived his life in Tottenham in North London and he has seen many people suffer from self belief and confidence. He now wants to help others who have this issue and he has published a collection of thought provoking messages of his own plus those of others. Superb isn’t it!!

It must be noted that his book titled ‘’The Briet Side: The Little Book of Wisdom’’ was published in the month of January and is superb. University of East London must feel proud and happy that its student Nathan Buckman of age 25 is doing superbly for others benefit and he is currently studying degree in business management in this famous university.

According to Nathan Buckman people lack motivation, confidence etc and these people are found in Tottenham area. The book would be of great use for these people to discover their self esteem and potential.

He also spoke about his reading of many books that inspired him to author his book. He also threw light on how he had low self confidence before and constant support of his family plus friends helped him to overcome it. He also expressed his thoughts regarding forgiveness and said only strong people could forgive others. Awesome words!!

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