Live Life Colorfully – Mind Map Mandala coloring book for grown-ups


In today’s fast paced life we tend to believe that it is very difficult to focus and engage our mind completely on the task that we are doing. But this is not entirely true.

Let’s understand this with an example. When we are pursuing a hobby, say painting or writing, our focus is effortless and it seems that by an invisible force we are glued to whatever we were are doing. We seem to lose ourselves in time, oblivious of our surrounding. And our brain, at such times, is truly at its creative best.

So, would it not be wonderful, if we had a tool which could help put our brain or in a similar creative zone at our will? This is exactly what a Mind Map Mandala helps us do.

Mandala Designs were primarily the means for practitioners and adepts (in various spiritual traditions, especially Buddhism) for focussed attention. A Mind Map, on the other hand, is a simple but powerful creativity enhancing tool, which helps us engage better with any topic for which the Mind Map is being developed.

“Live Life Colorfully” is a Mind Map Mandala coloring book for grown-ups.

This coloring and self-help book combines in a unique way the ancient art of the Mandalas with the powerful modern concept of Mind Mapping; to first instill a sense of calm and then harness this relaxed state of mind to better handle specific life challenges. 

You can experience a higher level of clarity with Mind Map Mandala’s and discover your life purpose, achieve goals, manage emotions better and much more by splurging your desired colors on the pages of this book.

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About the Author

After two decades of rich industry experience, Maneesh Dutt, an IIT-D alumni and an MBA, embarked on a journey to pursue his passion for Mind Mapping with a mission to take Mind Maps to all interested covering organizations and academia.

He has been trained by the inventor of Mind Maps himself, Mr. Tony Buzan.

His first book “Mind Maps for Effective Project Management” evoked serious interest and ranked 31 in the Management category (in Kindle e-books) besides featuring in the PMI National conference, ASQ journal, World Book Fair 2016, International Book Fair 2016 and in a SAGE journal.

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