Learn more about Shah Rukh Khan in Samar Khan’s book SRK 25 Years Of A Life coming soon !

Pic: Bollywood.com

Samar Khan, journalist-author, has written a book on the mega star called SRK 25 Years Of A Life .It portrays the hard work and dedication and the journey of Shah Rukh Khan in becoming King Khan.The book covers this journey of Badshaah through his director’s perspective with lot of unheard information.

The idea struck to Samar when he was making his documentary on SRK, Living With a Superstar. SRK received the book only after it was fully ready and he read it and loved the portraits and the interviews.Samar mentioned that the best part was he didn’t want any changes not even a word.

Shah Rukh Khan has written heart warming words in the foreword of this book. The foreword quotes that he loved doing character by giving it form and shape when he acts which gives him more facets than there ever had existed.” He has completed 25 years in the industry .It was a very big dream for him when he landed in this world 29 years ago to become an actor , work and dream with the directors and act with undying passion.He added that this interview was like revisiting his story through the lens of the directors.This book is collection of interesting stories that we might have missed.

The fans can definitely thank Samar after the launch of the book , to come up with this idea and giving them a chance to go deeper in SRK’s life!

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