Karl Hyde- This popular vocalist plus lyricist has written rollercoaster ride of a memoir, ‘’I am a Dog Boy: The Underworld Diaries’’ and is sensational

Pic: Amazon / Wikimedia

In the year 1957 was born a famous English musician Karl Hyde who was responsible for formation of UK based electronic group called ‘’Underworld’’.

Brian Peter George Eno is a well known UK based musician, composer, writer plus singer with superb fan following. Karl Hyde combined with Brian George Eno and rocked. It is superb that he is also responsible for multi discipline and design film collective called ‘’Tomato’’.

The latest news is this Kyle Hyde has penned ‘’I am a Dogboy: The Underworld Diaries’’ and is magnificent. According to Kyle Hyde mistakes are portholes to discovery and in this aspect he and James Joyce are similar. It is now said that while writing he allowed the mistakes to live and breathe on the page.

Karl Hyde is of opinion that his book has come out well and the book has got many photographs plus poems that would be superb. It is now brought out that performing on stage is very calm and this is revealed in his book. It must be noted that in this book autobiographical narrative has been created where the childhood years of Karl Hyde and his early years of Underworld are discussed.

Another uniqueness that has been brought out in this book is Karl Hyde’s singular style of penning lyrics and is fantastic. Designed by John Warwicker this book is superb. There are 320 pages present in the book and it is published by Faber & Faber. Amazing Karl Hyde!!

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