Journalist Ainsley Earhardt dedicated her book regarding love and care to her daughter Hayden

Pic: Simon & Schuster / Video Screengrab

Ainsley Earhardt is a popular journalist born in the year 1976 in USA and she has been regarded highly by many readers all over. As an anchor plus correspondent for the famous Fox Channel this Ainsley Earhardt has earned great respect from many with her superb knowledge and skills.

It must be noted that as a co-host for ‘’Fox and Friends’’ she is simply mind blowing and has been doing superbly.
It is now brought out that she has written her own declaration of her love for her daughter and in this she was inspired by her own father who wrote many inspirational notes every morning for Ainsley Earhardt.

A lyrical lullaby written by this 40 year old Ainsley Earnardt has been spoken in high regards. This ‘’Take Heart, My Child: a Mothers Dream’’ is sensational and it described the feeling of this Ainsley and she wants her cute daughter Hayden to know that whatever challenges life brings Aindsley Earhardt love would still be there for her cute daughter.

According to Ainsley Earhardt her daughter plus all the kids who read this book would know that they would be loved unconditionally by their mothers. It is now said that after the birth of the daughter Ainsley Earhardt always thought about giving something just like her dad gave to her and her siblings during their school days.

This book made Wayne Earhardt spoke proudly regarding his daughter Ainsley and rest of his family. It must be noted that Ainsley shifted to Columbia from upstate and studied in the famous Spring Valley High School. Superb Ainsley Earhardt!!

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