Jossy Ginsberg- This 57 year old adventurer and motivational speaker from Israel shares his views about a film based on him

Pic: From the Grapevine

Jossy Ginsberg born in Israel is well known adventurer plus author plus a great motivational speaker with many fans all over. This Australia based Jossy Ginsberg became cynosure of many eyes when he stayed alone for about three weeks in the Bolivian Amazon in the year 1981.

It is important to note that this survival story was spoken highly by many and even got featured in the Discovery Channel’s documentary series programme ‘’ I Shouldn’t Be Alive’’.

It was in the year 1993 his first book titled ‘’ Back from Tuichi’’ hit the stores and was sensational. This superb book authored by Jossy Ginsberg was translated in 15 different languages and was published in many countries as it was liked by many. It was in 2014 a film studio named ‘’Arclight’’ announced that Jossy’s novel titled ‘’Jungle: A Harrowing True Story of Survival’’ would be made into a film and actor Danielle Radcliffe would act in the role of Jossy.

This 57 year old Jossy was recently in Delhi and he shared some of his thoughts regarding this film that would be based on his true life story. Jossy spoke about how he was so happy in the beginning about this film and he also spoke about how he also gave lots of details to actor-director.

Jossy Ginsberg later threw light on his survival that was very tough and how he ate monkeys etc to survive. Energy is needed for the body and to get energy one has to eat whatever is available and he also said that he did not want this to happen to anybody in life. Superb Jossy Ginsberg!!

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