Jim Oberhofer- This NHRA crew chief wrote a book about his wife’s courageous fight against cancer and is really inspirational

Pic: Kickstarter

Not many would do what Jim Oberhofer has done in his life and he is spoken highly by many. It is superb to note that this NHRA Crew chief wrote a book titled ’’Top Fuel For Life: Life Lessons from a Crew Chief’’ and this book deals with his wife’s battle against the cancer. It is said that he wanted to write the book as he thought it was the best way to mourn her death and it is now said that this was therapeutic to many people and is superb.

Jim Oberhofer spoke about his life with his wife Tammy and said he was happy to have spent 20 years with her until she died due to cancer. He also threw light about her courageous battle with cancer and how she protected him and their cute daughter Ashley.

He also expressed his thoughts regarding the book and said one important lesson that life has taught him was awareness of his surroundings. He even shared details about him not being aware about his wife health condition and took life easily and for granted.

Jim Oberhofer further said that he was not the only one to take life for granted and said his book would guide many others now and help them that they must not take life for granted like him. He further spoke about how he felt touched when the readers tell him that his book was responsible for their lives to change. Superb Jim Oberhofer!!

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