If you need to refuel your life do read “The Full Tank Life ” an inspiring book by Ben Tankard

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“The Full Tank Life,” is an inspiring book written by Ben Tankard the “Renaissance man”. It’s a perfect book to pep up your life.Refuel the engine of your life.

Imagine yourself in a vehicle driving down the highway to an important work and suddenly you check that your fuel is almost on “E.”Tankard connect this to our life .Sometimes , even in our life we are at that stage.But yo have to rekindle it back, boost your inner fuel and he recommends  his “Full Tank Life” methodology .

He mentions that our life is all about D-E-S-T-I-N-Y.

He starts off with D as in Dream ,he wants to us to discover our Dream.Imagine it and personalise it and take steps to be there and  achieve that dream. Speak out loud and train your Subconscious to see your path as a decision, not a choice.He wants us to use our Time wisely and prioritize and play the cards right.He also adds that we need to try to keep Inspiration in your life and find people and mentor accordingly who can support in our achieving our goal. He mentions that we need to take advantage of Networks in order to maintain our outlook and to boost our professional and personal life.

Finally, he wants to remember that we have to be true and genuine to ourselves and do our best whatever we have at the moment. He believes that if our tank is full, we can do this.

Through his book he provides solid advice and offers personal anecdotes to illustrate his point.The book also has lengthy Bible teachings too and an easy step-by-step format .It also has worksheets to help readers to sort through their thoughts and ideas.

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