Girl crushes uninterrupted – ‘Another Girl Another Planet’ Book by Valerie Phillips


Celebrating the unique fashion sensibility of fearless young women and the spirit of girl power. The self-confessed Peter Pan is famous for capturing the essence of female youth—girls who boldly unravel their individual quirks before the camera, with loads of spark and beautifully unpredictable things going on in their heads. The author is known as Valarie Phillips who now spends the majority of her time in London, where she lives in a labyrinthine house in the Kentish Town neighborhood, Phillips was born in New York.

Phillips in this volume of her has selected her best work. Another Girl Another Planet gives a personal and instinctive view of the girl experience, with honest portraits of young women captured uninhibited in their unique universes. These images celebrate the exploration of personal style, the female spirit and the fierceness that comes from the weird, crazy, cool day-to-day of being a girl.

According to Phillips, “It’s just a gut-level emotional decision. There are loads of girls that I see who are stunningly beautiful and incredible, but they don’t move me. They don’t rearrange the molecules in my brain. When a girl does that it’s obvious to me within three seconds. It’s not just a visual thing, it’s a deeper, mysterious, weird connection that I feel toward them.”

The book includes the story of wonder girls like Staz Lindes, Sara Cummings and Monika. Their story has a greater impact on Valarie Phillips and she took it to her book.

The book is all about the girls she discovered on the streets and everyone in between.

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