Friends of Historical Museum at Fort Missoula annual books sale has got many types of books that is sold to customers and is awesome

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Historical Museum at Fort Missoula is an important place located in Montana in USA and it is known that this Fort Missoula was founded by USA army.

It is now said that there are many motorcycle mamas plus others like AB Guthrie poems present in the Friends of Historical Museum at Fort Missoula and annual sales of books would start from the coming Thursday.

It must be noted that in the last year annual sale at this museum a book named ‘’It was a dark and Stormy Night, Snoopy’’ written by Charles M Schultz that caught the attention of many and it was sold at the museum.

It is important to mention that this Friends of Historical Museum at Fort Missoula in USA is non profit organisation that supports the Historical Museum whose main objective is to bring history alive in West Montana and it is superb. As per Merrill- maker who is a volunteer spoke about how last year the single edition of Charles Schultz was sold for hundreds of dollars. It is now confirmed that the sale of books was first started in the year 2010. It is now regarded as the means to raise funds for this Historical Museum.

One superb piece of information that is now revealed is in 2015 around $ 11000 was raised and this amount would go up in 2016. Beginning from 10am till 5pm the doors are opened so that people could come and buy books. Great!!

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