Find out more on Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin the famous bibliotherapists who can help solve your life issues with books !

Pic: Canongate

Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin are book doctors yeah you guessed it right they are self-styled ‘bibliotherapists’ ! They prescribe and recommend  books to cure and improve people lives.They have been doing this for each other from past two decades ,whenever one of them was down ,they would help each other with books which would lighten the life situation both phyiscal and emotional.

Today being associated with Alain de Botton’s School of Life, Berthoud and Elderkin recommend books to people around the world. They also author books themselves:

Their books 2014’s The Novel Cure was a literary first aid kit for resolving adult issues, while the next one called The Story Cure, which is published this week was aimed at children and their ever-fretful parents.The book is collection of an A-Z of the scenarios and worries that we all have during the various stages of childhood, from the early – ‘nits’ and ‘potty training’ – to the teenage – ‘body image’ and ‘raging hormones’. Every single ailment comes with a set of fiction books that Berthoud and Elderkin hope will help the readers cope, and transport them out of the issue.Thus the person becomes more open to learning experiences.

The character in the stories help the person to relate himself with thus improving the behaviour and thereby overall resolution.They have also taken advice and inputs from child psychiatrists for the heavier ailments like eating disorders,anorexia etc

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