Feminist Parenting, the book provides range of perspectives on feminism and parenting strategies!

Pic: cbc.ca

Kandee Kosior, is one of the editors of Feminist Parenting-book which is a a collection of writings by authors from around the world which explores parenting and feminism.She mentions that she became a feminist before she became a parent.

Hence she was sure that she would bring those feminist ideologies into her practice of parenting like use gender neutral colours and gender neutral toys and use gender neutral language; like firefighters not fireman, letter carriers not mailman etc.When she became a parent she found that the experience more complex and rewarding.

She feels that feminism is really a very individual and a very personal experience and she thinks that everybody’s families can incorporate feminism into them.Thus the idea of book took shape which includes a broad range of perspectives. Feminist Parenting the book touches on many aspects of parenting and the writing forms include both poetry and prose.

The book has a section which looks at research on parenting inequality in Pakistan. The book also covers the indigenous single mothers attending university.The writings pulls back the veil on power dynamics in relationships and uncovers some of the challenges of feminist parenting in society.

The authors shed critical light on long-held parenting conventions such as family power dynamics, unpaid care work labor, gender roles etc. She mentioned that she has enjoyed each chapter of the book and its her favorite one!

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