DJ Khaled in his new book titled ‘’Keys’’ wants to give the Readers the Tools needed for the Successful Journey

Pic: Wikipedia

One person in the recent times who has touched the hearts of many all over is none other than DJ Khaled or Khaled Mohamed Khaled. This USA born DJ plus record producer has been sensational in his profession and he is spoken highly. It is important to note that this DJ Khaled took part in creation of many hip hop albums and it happened between the years 2004 to 2006. Recently he has become cynosure of many eyes because his album titled ‘’Major Key’’ and it was fabulous.

It is now said that his new book named ‘’Keys’’ would give the readers the tools that are needed for the ‘’Journey of Success’’. DJ Khaled calls his book as motivational book that would give peace.

DJ Khaled also spoke about his favourite authors like Arianna Huffington, Tony Robins who made great impact on him. He then spoke about his favourite spots in New York and said he likes Brooklyn and Harlem the most. DJ Khaled also revealed that he would ask his son to embrace the blessings of daily life when he was questioned about his teachings to his son.

He is also of the view that putting love into this world is very important and he was happy regarding the birth of his son. He finally said he liked coconut and ice creams more than the flowers. Superb DJ Khaled!!

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