Dan Bright’s book titled ‘’The Story of Dan Bright’’ reveals many things about him and his past life

Pic: Foreword Reviews

This man has seen many ups and downs in his life. Dan Bright is a 49 year old man from New Orleans in USA and had involved himself in drug dealing in the past plus he has driven a bulletproof Mercedes Benz car etc. He was also sentenced to Death Row for a murder that took place in the year 1995 and exonerated in the tear 2004.

Things have changed for him now. He has recently been in the news for different reason. He published a book titled ‘’The Story of Dan Bright’’ and the book reveals many experiences from his past life.

It must be noted that that when he was just 27 years old he was sent to Angola based State Penitentiary as he was charged of armed robbery and murder. He is now 49 years of age and is presently living with his parents and is out of this drug business that has landed him in the trouble in the past. Dan bright spoke about how he once used to have amount close to $ 200000 to $ 300000 as drug dealer and he started this business since he was just eleven.

It is revealed that Dan Bright became popular and minted huge money and purchased bulletproof cars plus others like buses etc and spent his money lavishly. It is important to note that Justin Nobel who is a local journalist helped this Dan Bright in writing this sensational book.

He also revealed how his close friend was killed and how he himself was shot nearly seven times. He also threw light on how he was suspected for the murder of Murray Barnes in the year 1995. Sensational Dan Bright!!

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