Dan Ariely’s Book titled ‘’Payoff: The Hidden Logic that Shapes our Motivation’’ is a Must Read

Pic: ITA Group

Born in New York in USA in the year 1967 Dan Ariely is a popular professor from Duke University located in North Carolina in USA. It is important to note that he is the founder of ‘’The Centre for Advanced Hindsight’’ plus the co-founder of BEworks and is spoken highly by many for his tremendous contributions.

It is awesome to note that his book titled ‘’Predictably Irrational’’ is one of the best- selling book in USA. He wrote a book recently and this book named ‘’ Payoff: The Hidden Logic that Shapes our Motivation’’ is a superb book and must read for every higher ed managers. It is often said that we become mangers in higher ed without any management training and we get that post as a part of our career growth.

It is now revealed that this short slim book is superb and important for those ed managers who are managing others in higher ed. Research driving conclusions are very important and Dan Ariely’s book does that and is simply superb for the higher ed managers. It is now said that managers thoughts of extracting work from their staffs does not always reap benefits and sometimes backfires.

This book also touches one important fact that being good managers does not equal following ones gut or conventional wisdom. This book of 128 pages stresses the importance of internal motivation and the heights one can achieve when motivated.

It is important to note that factors like trust, autonomy, support plus gratitude play great roles and must be the standard operating procedure for each and every higher ed manager. Superb Dan Ariely!!

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