Confessions of Sultana Daku, a book by Sujit Saraf on the most wanted Dacoit from the days of British India


Terror and atrocity during the twenties in India had a synonym and the name of the synonym was Sultana Daku, the name who represented terror and the man who himself was a terror. Sultana Daku was a dacoit who had taken over the whole of Central India in his terror range and there was none like him. His fear had almost finished all the thoughts. A character larger than life who had become a legend.

Sultana Daku was that kind of criminal who known no mercy. He was captured and hanged in 1924. Many years later the character bought fact and fiction together and as a result many films were inspired by the character and some were by his name. His era did not ended up there only and some more years later, a book was released on him by Sujit Safar titled as Confessions of Sultana Daku.

Here’s all you need to know about it.

The confessions of Sultana Daku

The book is all about the notorious criminal who had taken over all of the Central India by his dread panic and all about his criminal career, his ups and downs and his love for horse and dog. His story was captured by Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Pearce.

Sultana Daku

Born into the Bhantu clan of criminals, Sultana Daku in true terms was defined as a type of dacoit who was really a swaggering one. A Muslim dacoit who terrorized the United Province, now Uttar Pradesh and operated in the same region. He rode a horse named Chetak, that of Maharana Pratap’s horse name and a pet dog named Rai Bahadur that seems a take on class.

Shades of Sultana Daku

Sultana Daku hidden passions, one of which he was truly a great lover of woman’s. in fact he also loved dancing girl but that was his different life. In his other side, he raped and killed many woman’s and moreover, Sultana Daku’s heinous work were not enough and following he came a trouble for the British Indian Police.

The Robinhood Character

Sultana Daku was also a kind of dacoit who was loved by people and that because of a reason. He had looted trains and acquired wealth and treasury from them but the all of wealth wasn’t kept by him. He distributed it amongst the poor class and many a times he gave tough chase to the police also.

Into the Gallows

Sultana Daku got trapped and was finally captured by Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Pearce and was sent into the gallows where he met the superintendent of Police, Freddie Young. The man didn’t want Sultana in jail to be hanged and hence he filed petitions to free the dacoit but unfortunately all got rejected.

The Last Wish

While Sultana Daku’s days were inching closer to his death, he presented his last wish to Freddie Young. He requested him to adopt his seven year old son and bring him up as “Sahib” after which Sultana’s son was sent for higher studies to England by Young.

The story of Sultana Daku

Sujit Saraf has taken every aspect of Sultana Daku’s life. It’s being told in a very remarkable way and with passion. He keeps his reputation as a master storyteller.

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