Chelsea Liddy- This woman is responsible for drawing comic book heroines and wants more women to make their careers in Comics in future and is simply superb

Pic: Michigan Radio

A woman named Chelsea Liddy has grabbed the attention of many now with her penning and drawing comic book heroines. She is now praised highly by many now for her sensational works. Remarkable isn’t it!!

This resident of Plymouth has launched ComiqueCon where one day celebration of women comic book and novel artists plus others like eminent writers and feminist comic series turned many heads. According to Chelsea Liddy Comics right from the beginning was associated with men community and she surprised many when she said more than 50% of comic readers were women. It is also brought out in the open that two major comics namely DC Comics and Marvel comics employ women community and that forms only less than 20% and it is really surprising.

It is now revealed that by means of this ComiqueCon this Chelsea Liddy wants to give credit to the women gender in the industry. It is great to note that this ComiqueCon would also provide women community with many role models so that they could take up Comic industry as their profession later in their lives. It is important to note that diversity of comic book heroines and stories would be made available easily and it would be beneficial for the women gender.

Chelsea Liddy also revealed how the comic industry is set to change and is hiring people with fashion background these days and that is superb. Great Chelsea Liddy!!

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