Annoothi Vishal- This columnist released her book titled ’’Mrs LC Table: Stories about Kayasth Food and Culture’’ and it is excellent


A columnist plus food writer Annoothi Vishal is spoken highly by others. This humble Annoothi Vishal is very famous for her writing in the popular Economic Times, NDTV Food, Business World etc and he got great fan following is known. It is amazing that she is not only a good writer but also a founder of The Great Delhi Pop-Up and she does superbly as a cook and cooks for particular audiences in Delhi, Mumbai and for those in other places also.

Recently this Annoothi Vishal caught many people’s attention when she released her book titled ‘’ Mrs LC Table: Stories about Kayasth Food and Culture’’. It is now brought out that when she was just two years of age her grandmother spoke about many recipes to her during the night and this Annoothi remembers those even now also.

It is clear that she tried to do other recipes told by her grandma and the experiences she had doing those recipes are brought out well in her book now. It is now said that this book explains many about the rich legacy of Kayasth community which is known for its great history plus cooking.

It was at the ITC Grand Chola Hotel her book was released and this Annoothi Vishal spoke about her grandma who played huge role to bring out the culinary skills of this Annoothi Vishal. This unique and inventive nature of this Kayasth cuisine is tremendous.

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