A book on Brain by Ransom Stephens with a different context – ‘Left Brain speaks, Right Brain laughs’

Pic: huffingtonpost

An interview with Ransom Stephens, the author of Left brain speaks, Right brain laughs will take you on while new fictional level keeping aside all the books that have been written till now on Brain and its contexts. Frankly, there is no shortage about the booms on brain. Over the centuries, authors have scribed many, many texts on the topic but LBSRBL takes a different tact to an oft-covered subject.

Here are some of the points from his interview with Huffingtonpost.

Stephens got into Neuroscience while researching on his second book whose premise was built on the relationship between senses and the mind and also had a lot of questions on how the brain works and that’s how the book came into origin. The book sets out to understand things like what happens in our brains when we read a novel, watch a movie, or experience virtual reality.

The book is different in terms of many contexts as it entertain a lot of big questions. The book is different in another way. According to Stephens, “ I tend to be the impatient guy in the back row with a short attention span making jokes during the lecture. Same deal here. We need a good laugh to get through.”

As per Stephens, novels are virtual reality. Neuroscience has a pile of evidence for special “mirror neurons” that activate when we watch someone perform an act, just as they activate when we ourselves perform that act. The same thing happens with emotions and thoughts.

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