10 Motivational Life Lessons to Learn from Prasoon Joshi- The Finest Indian Lyrics Writer

Pic: Wikimedia

Prasoon Joshi, an Indian lyricist, Screenwriter and an ad-guru. This has not been known to many but if you ever remember the old ads of “Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola” which featured Aamir Khan in various roles, those all the ads were written by our very own Prasoon Joshi.

Apart from this, Prasoon Joshi has proved himself as a brilliant lyrics writer and has written many soulful lyrics like Fanaa, Taare Zameen Par and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. One more lesser known point is that Prasoon Joshi has still somehow retained his child-like enthusiasm and sensitivity for even the minutest of things around him.

We have brought you some life  lesson points from Prasoon Joshi.

Between confusion and living                       

It’s hard for people who have their passion and also they knew that to achieve their passion, it’s very important to earn a living first, especially when you belong to a middle class family. As Prasoon Joshi says that he hails from a middle class family and to took up his passion, he has taken a career with an advertising agency. Prasoon says he learnt that it is very important to be confused in life because it is an indicator of your state of mind just before clarity emerges.

The right path

Choosing the very right path is as essential as your life and Prasoon Joshi gives it much importance. People around you can help in sharpening your skills but you have to listen to your own calling. It should be your personal quest without any shortcuts and after that you can look for the right organization to pursue what you love.

Importance of the Journey

Always give importance to your own journey without caring about destination and tags. Prasoon remembers when in school that he was much after his creativity of poetry rather than the studies and till date, he is still proud of his journey and decisions.


Keep no single role model because in life you many meet various persons who are going to inspire you in one or the other way. People find inspiration in different ways and sharing various experiences will help you to grow more.


Your Journey will count. The targets you have made for yourself or the set-up goals which you have determined should always be top priority. It’s always the journey that has been biafricated into your made goals and targets.

A special thanks to Women’s

Prasoon Joshi believes that every women in your life should be respected with the respect she deserve as they are the one who encourages you to achieve high things in life. Prasoon Joshi’s wife had supported him throughout his career.


The power of dreams and to dream big is something everyone needs to learn. If your idea does not have social significance and relevance to human life, there are less chances of its survival. One should get into a business only if it is a dream which he/she wants to live.

Scaling up the minds

According to Prasoon Joshi, a bunch of creative minds together can do a huge amount of work which requires planning for the year-round activities. Different minds help up in showing great support for one such project.

Impact of reading

Prasoon Joshi firmly believes that reading is a great source of knowledge and one should have an impact for the same. Reading helps you and develop your state of mind.

Little bit of yourself

Prasoon Joshi familiarise himself with the project at hand and its objective, talk about its possibilities and then let things come to him. That is how you give a little bit of yourself to everything you do.

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